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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering Aubrey Hampton

I hadn't heard.  Aubrey Hampton, founder of Aubrey Organics, died on May 9 in Tampa, FL after a short illness according to this blog.  The natural ingredients guru contributed so much to our industry that I felt compelled to honor his life here.  I'd never met Mr. Hampton personally, but when I spotted his pioneering bible Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care at Half Price Books in the late 80's I remember snatching it up thinking....some fool gave THIS up?  Wow.  Their pain, my gain!   I still have that book in my reference library today.  I also remember being thrilled when my friend Donna Maria, founder of Indie Beauty Network, had him on one of her informative Beauty Calls, and I was even lucky enough to catch one of his rare TV appearances a few years back.

Besides being impressed by his incredible working knowledge of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, (way before green was "in" I might add)....and what to avoid, I remember that he was a snappy dresser which gave him a certain touch of class.  Most importantly though, he was a profoundly gifted teacher.  A man of great vision.

Thank you Aubrey for your huge contributions to the world of natural cosmetics!  I hope you know how much you inspired myself and others.  And I hope you're able to stir up a few organic creams and lotions in that big laboratory in the sky.
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