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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yucca: One Stop Shopping

Our popular Yucca Root Shampoo & Body Soap was featured in this interactive National Park Service poster which outlines the many uses of our native yucca, also known as cortadillo in Spanish.  You lift the panels to match the product with the part of the yucca used to make it.  Since you can't read the poster or lift the flaps here, I've recreated the English version below.  The educational poster is also in Spanish.

Yucca: One Stop Shopping

Imagine yourself living in the surrounding desert some 500 years ago.  Without any grocery stores, where would you get your food?  What about soap and medicine?  The soaptree yucca is your store, with more than 100 different uses!

Leaves (Hojas): used to make cords for baskets, aprons, and sandals
You can dry the leaves and weave them whole.  For finer threads, soak the leaves, scrape them, separate the fibers, and twist.

Roots & Leaves (Raiz y hojas): used to make soap & shampoo
Peel and puree the root then let dry.  Scrape the leaf, mix with water, then strain the scrapings.

Flowers (Flores comestibles): used to make frittatas & other dishes
Cook the petals with your favorite egg dish, or add them to hearty stews of beef, pork, or chicken.

Seeds (Semillas): used to dye fibers for basketry
Soak seeds in water to make a rich black dye.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our Prickly Pear Soap Featured in Austin Monthly

Our popular Prickly Pear Soap was spotted in the July 2015 issue of Austin Monthly Magazine.  Move over argan oil while prickly pear extract emerges as the new go-to skincare ingredient!  Extremely high in essential fatty acids, omega 6's & 9's, amino acids, and antioxidants, this native cactus extract is anti-aging's best friend.  It's said to contain 150% of the vitamin e content in argan oil and it's more sustainable to boot.

We also handcraft a Prickly Pear Nourishing Facial Oil, a Prickly Pear Body Balm, and a Prickly Pear Castile Liquid Soap (not shown). We hope you'll try them all.  Of course.  Cheers!

SIDE NOTE:  As best he can remember, my husband just told me our old clawfoot bathtub (no longer in service) came out of the former Austin Monthly offices when they remodeled back in the 80's.  They needed some more pea gravel and my thrifty husband (their landscaper at the time) said he'd trade the old bathtub for some gravel.  We still have it on our property!  Small world huh?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Have You Taken A Wash On The Wild Side?

Once upon a time (many many years ago when we first moved out to the land) we had an outdoor shower.  It was a long black pipe rigged up to a shower head that was heated passively by the sun. Very low tech.  Surrounded by thick woods.  It was actually quite nice.  The stuff fond memories are made of.  Of course, it wasn't quite so nice when the weather turned cold.  And the view wasn't this spectacular either.  But somehow we managed.  We were young.

So yes, I've taken a wash on the wild side!  Many many times.  How many of you can say the same?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

clean air

Did you know that lichen only grow in clean air? Guess we're safe then.  �� #cleanair #lichen #awildsoapbar